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The MBG Group has linked Africa and the Middle East for the past 40 years and Martin maintains a low profile through selected, high net clients. Martin started MBG ( Martin Benkenstein Group ) in Muscat, Oman, in 1972 and has been part of the spectacular development of the Middle East region over the past 40 years. Martin was part of this project in the early 90's - Burj Al Arab Dubai UAE.

 Burj Al Arab Dubai UAE

Martin is privileged to be associated with the Royal Families, Embassies and leading Business Families throughout the Middle East. Our focus is expanding and developing high return, bi-lateral trade and investment projects between the GCC oil producing countries and the new-look African continent which is generating spectacular returns from its increasingly aspirant and talented middle class.

Martin works closely with Sovereign Funds, Investment Funds and Government Authorities to assess, select and execute strategic projects that contribute to the growth and infrastructural capabilities of both regions.

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Sheikh Ahmed bin Hasher Al Maktoum is a legendary figure in the Middle East having won the UAE's first and only Gold Medal in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.


  • Financing and Project Development

    Bringing Equity / Debt Investment into well-thought out Projects in a wide range of assest classes.

    Assistance in drafting Feasibility Studies and Business Plans to attract Investors and Funders to support your Projects.

    Providing Development Management Services to execute the Project.

    Providing Facilities Management Services to maintain the quality of the Project and optimise the full Return on Investment to Shareholders.

    Structure pre-defined exits for Investment Funds who have supported the funding and execution of the Project.

News Snippets

Raising The Standards

Developing Monkey Bay Hotel on Lake Malawi.

Looking at development of Natural Gas Feedstocks into Petrochemical Plants.

Angola retail developments moving forward. Need 3 more sites.

Mozambique retail developments in progress.

East Africa supply chain and logistics infrastructure in progress.

Looking for strategic Africa and Indian Ocean Islands hotel sites and acquisitions.

Met OPEC in Vienna and looking for infrastructure projects to fund.

Locating exciting sites for Kempinski Hotels in Africa.

Looking for ports, rail, road and logistics projects to fund and develop.

Looking for unique African technology and development projects to fund and develop.

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