Meeting with Saudi's

Middle East Market Entry - Sample of tasks undertaken.

 Market entry and strategy will be studied and reported back.


Assignment :       To review

                               -  Competition

                               -  Market Stability

                               -  Market Growth

                               -  Market Strength

                               -  Find suitable partners

                               -  Establish client in market


Martin recognizes that as clients expand into a variety of markets there is an increasing need for a variety of complex 'local information' - traditions, habits, customs, ethics, religion all which have to be taken into account. Martin can advise and address these issues.

Facilitator's Definition :

Facilitator's help people communicate.


The name "Facilitator" comes from the Latin word Facilis, which means to do or make easy. A facilitator pays attention to group process in addition to content in order to "make easy" any meeting or forum involving groups of people or teams. Facilitation is useful when participants in a meeting are concerned about each person having an opportunity to speak and be heard by all. A skilled facilitator helps draw out each participant's ideas, opinions, beliefs, suggestions, wants, and needs. A skilled facilitator directs the flow of communication so that the purpose of the meeting is fulfilled.


Intercultural and international facilitator's for business development are experts in helping participants cross the cultural divide. Quite often, additional linguistic skills are needed on the part of the facilitator. Additional expertise is needed to facilitate the meeting process with sensitivity to cultural norms, differences, and possible intercultural misunderstandings.


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